Lyn Hogan


RTM, District 3

Theodore Roosevelt

District 3 Encompasses the Following Streets (alphabetically):
April Drive; Barn Swallow Drive; Bobwhite Drive; Bolton Lane; Breezy Knoll; Broad Street; Brookside Park; Bumble Bee Lane; Calumet Lane; Calumet Rd.; Canal Park; Canal Street; Carlisle Court; Carriage Lane; Calvalry Rd.; Cedar Pond Rd.’ Christmas Lake Lane; Clinton Ave.; Compo Road North; Crooked Mile Rd.; Cross Brook Lane; Cross Highway; Crow Hollow Lane; Daybreak Lane; Femily Lane; Fillow St.; Flintlock Ridge; Ford Rd.; Grouse Path; Guard Hill Rd.; Guilder Lane; Hermit Court; Hermit Lane; Highwood Lane; Highwood Rd.; Izzo Lane; Kings Highway North; Larch Tree Lane; Lees Lane; Little Fox Lane; Little Lane; Loren Lane; Lyndale Park; Lyons Plains Rd.; Main Street; Manor Drive; Maplewood Ave.; Marilane; McMahon Lane; Merritt Lane; Mill Bank Rd.; Michele Lane; Mill Bank Rd.; Newtown Turnpike; Nursery Lane; Oak Street; Pan Handle Lane; Pin Oak Court; Pin Oak Lane; Pond Rd.; Poplar Plain Rd.; Quarter Mile Rd.; Rabbit Hill Rd.; Rebel Rd.; Red Coat Rd,; Rices Lane; Richmondville Ave.; River Lane; Riverfield Drive; Saint George Place; Short Street; Sipperleys Hill Rd.; Sniffen Rd.; Stone Drive; Stoneboat Rd.; Tuck Lane; Twin Bridge Acre Rod; Twin Falls Lane; Viking Green; Wassell Lane; West Branch Rd.; Weston Rd.; Willowbrook Dr.; Wilton Rd.; Winker Lane; Woodcock Lane; Woods Grove Rd.; Woodway Lane

Working Hard For You

Westport’s District 3 has been my home for almost 18 years. My husband, Steve Diorio, and I moved to Westport from Washington, D.C. in 1999 and have lived on Cross Brook Lane ever since, raising our two children—Rob, age 16 and Anna, age 12—both of whom started attending Westport Public Schools in kindergarten.

I am proud to be running for my third consecutive term on the RTM. Since first being elected, I have worked diligently to represent the wonderful people of District 3 who are some of the most involved and engaged in the Town of Westport!  I sit on the Education, Long Range Planning, Public Works, and Rules committees.  

I ask you for the opportunity to continue serving District 3 to build upon the work I’ve done on the issues so many of you have told me are most important to you: helping our town’s seniors age in place, continuing to cost-effectively improve our town’s education system, supporting Compo Beach improvements including reducing beach over crowding, adding town sidewalks, and keeping property taxes low while doing so. 


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"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

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