for Westport rtm, district 3


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Following are some of the issues most important to the constituents of District 3 and where I stand on those issues.

These are issues I have been working on and will continue to work on. I will:

  • Cost-effectively improve our town’s education system so our schools remain competitive and maintain their excellence even in the face of budget cuts from Hartford;
  • Help our town’s seniors “age in place” and support Westport’s wonderful senior center as well as continue to work on building in-town affordable senior housing;
  • Improve daily quality-of-life issues such as reducing traffic, adding sidewalks, and reducing noise during early weekend mornings with an emphasis on continuing to work with the State and Town to find a solution to the Wilton Rd./Post Rd intersection and traffic issue and continue expanding sidewalks throughout town;
  • Enhance Compo Beach for the townspeople by making sure planned improvements are fully funded and implemented and over-crowding at the beach is stopped;
  • Prevent Town over-development, continue fighting 8-30g projects in areas that would create over-crowding and strain already tight resources, and maintain our Town’s history through continued preservation;
  • ​Maintain existing open space and add more open space whenever feasible;
  • Support the Westport Fire and Police Departments and provide them with the resources they need to stay safe while they work to keep us safe;
  • Keep property taxes as low as possible and be a good steward of the budget while making Westport an even better place to live.